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Living a Life with God,
Embracing Certainty and Dispelling Doubts


There are several reasons I would recommend Phil Underwood as a mentor and advisor in life and spirit. First of course is his level of empathy, any time I’ve called on Phil for advice with life or soul, I’ve felt he truly cared to understand where I was coming from, he listened and responded with genuine compassion and encouragement.  Phil also was kind enough to relay that he was always just a phone call or email away if I felt the need to be heard or to seek counsel, even while he was out of the country. Phil has helped me navigate personal struggles with faith, business, and relationships.  Throughout the years I’ve known Phil, I’ve grown to trust him and appreciate him as more than a mentor, more like a brother.

— Chris Merrell

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I recommend Phil Underwood as a coach and mentor in anyone’s journey to grow and live in the way of Jesus Christ. Phil is passionate about helping others and was a mentor for nine years. I was developed in what it meant to live genuinely, not just believe in Jesus.  

He is an excellent teacher of the Word and ways of God. He has deep insights and an understanding of the Scripture.  He also has a communication and demeanor that relates well to others of all ages as he helps others apply Truth to live by. He cares deeply about those he mentors growing up in their faith, and his commitment to this and those who receive his teaching is exemplary.

— Christi Dupre

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Because Phil Underwood took his time to guide me and my wife in marriage, we are both reeled into the road of the truth. There is less reliance on our ways as we seek The Lord's wisdom and truth.

I was just another man who wanted to fill the emptiness my worldly living caused me. 

I've known Phil since 2020, and it's been a beautiful trajectory of growth and transformation from The Lord. I was thrilled that my wife took me to where I met Phil. I did not know you could grow in spirit until that time.

His mentorship and ability to take us out of our comfort zone brought me to a point in my life where I see Phil as a fatherly friend God has put in our lives to show us the beauty of his kingdom through The Word and his teachings. 
I had heard about Jesus, but it was not until I met Phil and his team that I truly discovered that the piece I was missing was Jesus. 

With so much honour and appreciation, I genuinely recommend Phil Underwood as your mentor if you pursue spiritual growth. 

— Cristian Medina

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Phil Underwood has been an incredible teacher, mentor, & leader in my life and spirit/soul development. Honestly, I would not be where I am today without his direction and wisdom. I would highly recommend taking his online courses and having Phil be a mentor in your life. Thank you again for everything. I am excited to continue learning and growing.

— Alexis Scanlon

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Phil Underwood has been instrumental in my spiritual and life development. His guidance and earnest passion for God’s word to come alive in people are matched by his pursuit of the same.

Seeking and receiving counsel from Phil is the wisest thing you can do for your life. Don’t be a fool and try to do life on your own.

— Sebastian Rivera

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Phil has been instrumental in my personal and spiritual development. His leadership skills have pushed me beyond comfort into a place I never dreamed of. With a coach like Phil, he sees potential outside of my self-imposed limits, which has propelled me forward. I couldn’t recommend him enough if you want to grow beyond your current circumstances. 

Joe Scanlon

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— Mark Kruger

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You either take charge of your spiritual rhythms or there is no growth.
It’s that simple.

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