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Faith Comes by Hearing

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Books and ideas are world changers, but first they are catalyst for personal change, advance, and life design.  Imagine how your life would change if you learned to see hidden opportunities in each day of the gift of life. You can do just that with New Every Morning Reflection Guide, covering 30 days and 30 stories of God’s will breaking into our days, beautiful Florida Keys sunrises, and a unique companion journal to personalize your discoveries for you life!


If you are a church leader, or know one, SHIFT, the story of Ken Vinings takes you on an amazing transformation of a church that cares. Rather than living to maintain the status quo, This church dared to be great and become a church that lives outside its walls and property, living the presence, personality, and power of Jesus in their community.


Unmapped: Discovering How God's Will Has a Way by Andrea McMahon