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Phil Underwood in dark blue suit sitting on a bench

Hi, I am Phil

a Maxwell Certified Coach and Pastoral Speaker in Spiritual & Personal Development

My mission in life is soul freedom and redemption for serious seekers of living their best life of service, love, and purpose. I join Jesus' disciple and friend, John, in wishing, above all things, that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

I take the following three Bible texts seriously and base all I do on helping you know and experience life in this regard.

I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly.

– Jesus Christ.

You are the product of God’s poetic genius, re-created in your relationship with Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged for you to live out.

– Paul, the Apostle

You are receiving complete spiritual, emotional, and physical freedom as the result of your faith.


– Peter, the Apostle

How My Journey Began

I grew up in and around church and religion. That did not mean I had a healthy relationship with myself or God. I had to experience that over time, in a quest, seeking out mentors and sages who cared enough to share their lives with me. 


When I began to understand my relationship with God and the nature of being ‘born again’, I discovered that the two most significant days in my life were the day I was born and, as Mark Twain said, the day I found out why. Then things changed for me. I could not get from the day I was born to the why until I was born again and began my discovery of soul salvation.

I was in my early 40s, on a destructive life course, and wondering if I would live another day when I saw the light of life’s purpose.


The moment was best crystalized when my father told me, “Phil, you’re playing too small.”

I began a quest at that time to live into God’s calling in a new dimension. I began to ask God to develop me to be the best me with the greatest usefulness to myself and others. It is the same quest I am still on today, but now I am inviting people to make the same journey with me.

Beautiful turquoise Mountains

I craft my work to be your assistant, guide, mentor, coach
(whatever you want to call me) to experience this in life.
I think the Bible words to identify me are Shepherd and Teacher.

17 years of coaching,
4 Decades of ministry,

and over

50 years of learning.

Helped literally thousands

of people through teaching,

over 300 in group coaching development and hundreds in face-to-face coaching and life construction and cultivation.

Phil is the author of

3 published books and

a number of training guides.

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Why I Became a Spiritual Coach & Speaker

Did you ever wonder, ‘Why?’

I did. I wondered, ‘Why am I here, now, at this place and with this experience of life?’

After taking some time to ponder my ‘Why’ I came to a conclusion. My why is YOU.

I exist for you. I am not an island. I am not a hermit. I am not self-absorbed. I am not cold and calloused. I am open, free, loving, caring, learned and learning. I am hopeful, contemplative, discerning, patient, loving. I am a teacher, a sharer, a conversationalist, a friend.

Phillip Underwood sitting on a chair on a scene and faith coaching
Phil Underwood pastoring on scene on an event

In a world of voices, noise, clutter, and even confusion, my place in the community of humans is to be a guiding voice.

  • I am a voice that invites you into clarity. Clarity of spiritual understanding – how to see and understand beyond the seen and known – into the things of God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

  • I am a voice that helps you understand the truth that only the words of God can help you navigate the most important decisions of life.

  • I am a voice that helps you become healthy, wealthy, and wise in true healing, true wealth, and true wisdom.


So, here I am offering my heart and my voice – my care and my work – to help you understand, know, and then live the life God has planned and purposed for you.

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Happy Stories

Joe Scanlon testimonial photo

Phil has been instrumental in my personal and spiritual development. His leadership skills have pushed me beyond comfort into a place I never dreamed of. With a coach like Phil, he sees potential outside of my self-imposed limits, which has propelled me forward. I couldn’t recommend him enough if you want to grow beyond your current circumstances. 

- Joe Scanlon

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You have possibilities, you are not stuck, and
with a little help, you can take your life experience to a new level of peace and production.