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How Do You BE?

A Human, Being

All of us are human beings, but how many of us are humans, being?

Over the next few posts

I want to dedicate this space to the marks of being. Being is not only passive but active.  We are about something, achieving, accomplishing and, concurrently, we are still, in place, unmoved by circumstance.

Some time ago, I had the privilege of being involved in a Congress on Spiritual Formation in Johannesburg, South Africa.  During the keynote session, Johan Geyser, the cultural architect of Mosaiek, a spiritual community of thousands in Jo’burg, made this statement –

“Grace is opposed to earning; Grace is not opposed to effort.”

He was talking about the story of Mary and Martha and pointing out that Jesus told Martha that Mary had chosen a better manner of being in that moment, contemplation, as opposed  to Martha’s work ethic. He did not disown Martha’s effort nor did he beatify Mary’s.  Might there be a best way over better?

I think so.  As I have been meditating on this week’s message to you I have settled on ‘Being,’ as both a place and a progression.

Quickly, I want to introduce you to the effort of being I will be sharing over the next few postings.  These are a collection I learned more than ten years ago from a very astute teacher.

The Marks of a Human, Being

–          A human, being, never stops learning

–          A human, being, is largely a servant

–          A human, being, has radiant energy

–          A human, being, is a champion of people

–          A human, being, leads a life in balance

–          A human, being, has an adventurous spirit

–          A human, being, is a synergist

–          A human, being, is a quad and knows it.

Stay with me, subscribe to this blog… you’re a Human, be.

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