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Indiana Jones & Renovare

So, if I am on this quest to discover the image of Jesus in my own life what will be my end?

Last week I sat and enjoyed the latest Indiana Jones quest. This time, for the Crystal Skull. Earlier in the series, I believe it was the third installment; he was looking for the Holy Grail, believed to be the chalice Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. The climactic scene centered on Indy having to follow the way of Scripture and trust the Word of God to guide his steps. I have watched this scene time and again and absolutely love it. Indy’s Dad is suffering from a gunshot but is helping his son navigate the treacherous path when they discover they are to walk in the ‘name of God.’ They do this by following a path of letters that spell the Latin equivalent of Jehovah.

Once Indy gets past that place of having a visual path to follow he moves forward to a place where there is no path at all. Instead of a path he is greeted by an infinite abyss below him and between where he is and where he wants to go. His self-speech is the truth of Scripture that reminds him of going forward in faith. With no apparent relief in sight he takes a step into the unknown. He has no control, no ability, and no power to keep from falling…yet, he does not fall. With each step into nothingness a path begins to emerge that leads him to his destination.

As I seek to Re-Renovare my life, I am seeking to say to myself that the path I have seen and followed has gotten me this far, but to go forward I will have to walk into a place that is not so defined. There is no systematic map, no formula, no AAA-approved route for this journey.

The old pathways that have brought me to this point were wonderful and good. They brought me here. At one time I could not see a pathway here either. As I moved forward, though, the path emerged just as with Indy. Now, looking back those pathways of faith are memorials to the faithfulness of my Father. He is calling me forward, upward, onward to a life that I have not known. The street is still Peachtree, but it is a renovated Peachtree. I have been here before but I have never been here. I have walked here, yet I have never walked here.

Every day in my God-journey I am sensing newness and grace. Sometimes, thankfully, there are markers on the road, but I also realize that sometimes there will not only be the absence of markers there will also seem to be the absence of road. Still I faith and not by sight. I move forward trusting yet not knowing. I decide believing, not having experience.

I follow the way of Jesus.

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