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ONE LIFE           Distinctive

Experience an integrated life with certified pastoral coach & mentor, Phil Underwood, your long-term guide in spiritual and personal development.

The ONE LIFE Distinctive supports your journey to...

  • Understanding Spiritual Life Realities

  • Discovering Your Meaning and Life Purpose

  • An Eternal Relationship with Jesus Christ

A headshot of Phil Underwood, pastoral coach and faith speaker

Did You Ever Wonder
If You...

  • Can be unconditionally accepted

  • Are important as you are

  • Have a purpose

  • Deserve a secure future

  • Can still do it and it's not too late

And I will answer...

There is no IF!

You CAN, you ARE, you HAVE, you DESERVE

Phil Underwood Teaching

The ancient wisdom of Scripture tells us that we have a common goal - that the entirety of our being - spirit, soul, and body - are destined to be integrated and whole.

We are to progress toward that goal of wholeness by the development of our soul - the inner person, in the image and way of Jesus Christ. Learning the life and processes of Jesus is necessary in our development of a holistic life.

That is where Phil Underwood wants to intersect with your life to develop you toward the one Scriptural guarantee for life success. This is across the board applicable to every human who wants this integrated, whole life.

Experience a 3-step Unique Pathway to...

Purposeful Life Integration

  1. Learn from the Spirit

  2. ​Deepen Your Soul

  3. Live Your Purpose​

Secure your answers about life and faith, discovering the non-religious Jesus and cultivating an eternal impact vision.

The unique approach in my coaching and mentoring style is the mix of the ancient truths of God about life, from his Creator status and Wisdom to the current understanding of brain science, skill development, and influence growth.


  • Brain science

  • Skill development

  • Influence growth

Smiling Phil Underwood speaking
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Meet Phil

Hello, I am Phil Underwood, a Christian pastoral speaker and a certified coach in progress and life effectiveness.

From my earliest days of being a learner, I wanted to share what I learned. That tendency grew to a place of development that wanted to take others along the learning journey with me. Now, entering the beautiful season of afterglow, after more than six decades of discovery, I want to continue to learn but never to learn alone. I want you along for the adventure.
I am looking for other hungry souls who want to see the big picture, eat the entire pie, go to the highest pinnacles, and dive into the deepest places possible in the development of our lives! Will you join me on the expedition called Living?

You have ONE LIFE, make it DISTINCTIVE.

In a world of voices, noise, clutter, and even confusion,

my place in the community of humans is to be a guide...

-Phil Underwood

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Happy Stories

Scanlon family testimonial photo

Phil Underwood has been an incredible teacher, mentor, & leader in my life and spirit/soul development. Honestly, I would not be where I am today without his direction and wisdom. I would highly recommend taking his online courses and having Phil be a mentor in your life. Thank you again for everything. I am excited to continue learning and growing.

- Alexis Scanlon

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I pray that you would journey well and that you may be in good health, even as your soul journeys well.

- John, Disciple of Jesus, to Gaius -