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tonight, it was in beautiful scottsdale.

the air was crisp and cool. temps fluctuate in the desert to wider degrees and faster than they do at home. it went from 72 to the 50’s in an hour or so.

but i was not here for the weather. i was here to see barry.

barry says this will be his last year. he sits at 706 homeruns looking to break babe ruth’s mark of 714 sometime this spring after the season begins. tonight, he stepped to the plate in the first inning and promptly hit a line drive over the right field fence, the plaza behind right field and then out of the stadium completely. giants 2, angels 0.

that was all the giants would enjoy until the last inning. in between those two two-run bursts, the angels of anaheim (but called los angeles) scored 11 runs. and yes, they looked that good.

and i saw barry. after the home run he didn’t reach base until the seventh inning when he walked (he’s used to that.) after finding first base, a pinch runner finished his night for him.

i sat with a guy from colorado. we both bought tickets from the same scalper (less than face value) and talked through the game. he owns a landscaping company and just returned from the winter olympics where a friend of his won a silver medal for playing in the snow. he is here for ten days to see baseball, golf, and goof off. cutting grass must pay very well nowadays.

so, two games for wednesday. one barry. one satisfied phil.

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