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baseball played here

that’s what the sign said when i approached phoenix municipal stadium, spring training home of the oakland athletics. the sign was true!

earlier, the day began bright and beautiful, which i am told it does regularly here in the desert. i went to breakfast and then to cafe lux, which is a local coffee shop. i sat outdoors for a couple hours writing on the C-101 book. today it was on the doctrine of God. how do we know there is a God? well, we don’t “know” it, we believe it.

but you might say, “i know God, therefore i KNOW there is a God.” i would concur and agree but when i say we do not ‘know’ there is a God i mean he cannot be empirically proven.

how do we derive that there is a God then? well, there are some ways that God reveals himself. one is what is called general revelation – nature, humanity, history. we see God by his work in this way. another way is special, or unique revelation. this is best seen in Jesus Christ. John, the follower of Jesus said that Jesus was the ‘Voice of God made flesh.’ God became human. that would make Jesus and the Word equal as special revelation as seen in the Scripture – Old and New Testament.

the OT is the story of the preparation of a community from which God could come. the NT is the story of that community in fulfillment of God’s design and desire for community with his creation – humanity.

after my writing stint, it was time for me and Jesus to go see a baseball game. we found the almost hidden stadium just in time….we walked up and asked a couple of people if they had tickets (which they did, but wanted too much)…then a lady approached me, offered a ticket for $5 and i was in….i sat the first few innings behind the first base dugout of the diamondbacks (the visiting team in their hometown)… then i went and asked an usher if he would run me out of the aisle seat on the first row behind the plate….he smiled and gave me permission….what a wonderful view of a baseball game….the final score was 11-7 in favor of arizona, though the regulars left in the seventh inning when the score was 7-4 arizona…the sun was bright, the temp was 70 and breeze was nice.

the arizona highlights were Conor Jackson hit a pair of home runs, his first two of the spring. Craig Counsell had two hits and drove in three runs. Luis Terrero had two hits and drove in two runs.

wish you were here…because baseball is played here!

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