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Cleared for Takeoff

Taking off… it is what I just did.

I think that it is not insignificant that this first post in my new blog experience is written at 34,000 feet. I feel as if life is on the runway in many ways. I am returning to Atlanta from spending three days networking and experiencing at Exponential 07, a church mission and planting collaborative in Orlando, Florida.

As I rambled amongst the twentysomethings and thirtysomethings who were there to fuel their dreams and plan their purpose, I felt the need to continue a recent redefining of my life and purpose. I commented to a friend that shared the days with me that I had never felt so old. At the same time, I have never felt so emboldened to be me.

For the last few years I have been connecting to a loosely connected group around North America, Europe and the land down under – Australia and New Zealand – called the emerging church. Yesterday at lunch, I sat next to the tall, skinny Kiwi (google that), across from Mark Batterson, near Shawn Lovejoy (who might play a pivotal role unknown to him) and about thirty other bloggers/communicators/faith leaders and listened. I was the old guy in the group and I was energized.

Why? Because a time has come in my life to leave churchliness, leave expectations of others, leave former patterns and roll down the runway taking off to a new life destination. What will it be? Oh, I have ideas.

Len Sweet, in his book The Gospel According to Starbucks, gives many clues. Opportunities to speak internationally and plant seeds of ‘church made simple’ (my mantra) give voice. Life lived in EPIC proportions gives me a vision. CRM’s Re:Focusing, a great leadership initiative, gave me preparation. Now, I just need a vehicle that flies. I think I am in the market.

So, forget the calendar, life is just beginning. I better shut down this writing; I have been cleared for takeoff. I invite you to return to this place a few times weekly for updates on the journey. I am a writer and this is a place I will write. Here is what I promise to give… Experiences that I feel merit sharing; Participation that I will offer to you for your life and ask you into mine; Images that I encounter that paint the pictures of life we both can enjoy; Connection to a bigger world than either of us know and to each other. Let’s make this place our place. I’ll provide the words, you provide the reading.


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