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Cruising at 37,000 feet

Off once again to San Jose. I think it was Glen Campbell that once sung, “Do you know the way to San Jose?” I think he was singing of California, though. I do know the way to San Jose, or at least I know which flight to board at ATL.

As I sit here at 37,000 feet above sea level, I ponder. I have another week of influencing leaders ahead of me and I have definite ideas to plant in their minds and hearts to catalyze action that, I believe, will benefit the human race. When I sit on such a lofty perch such as this I feel I am on top of the world. I remember as I wrote here one year ago, and felt I was in the midst of a worm hole, how bewildered I felt. I had ideas, but no direction. I had passion, but no outlet. I had guilt, but no relief. I felt washed up and wrung out. I was waiting to be insignificant.

Now, through the miracle of God-love, I breathe again, I feel again, I love life again. Has there been a victim of this resurgence, the redefining, the reshaping of my inner person? Yes. That, I will continue to struggle with until God reshapes my religious paradigm or I discover something I do not yet know. In the midst of feeling connected to God’s purpose once again, I feel disconnected to my major life role – family. How is that?

Here at 37,000 feet I am in that place I have written and talked about before – free. Here, no one can call, text, knock, tap my shoulder or email me with an expectation of me being available. It is in this place that I write and express my soul. In effect this is a prayer. I process my soul as the ancient King of the Hebrews, David, did. He asked, “Why are you so downcast, O my soul?” In other words, he talked to himself. But, he was doing more than talking to himself, he was baring his soul in front of his God. He was saying, “God, look, listen, hear, and when I stop long enough, speak.”

I am going somewhere. Although my boarding pass says SJO, I know I am going farther, deeper, wider. Something catalyzed my life this year. I awoke to something new and I cannot explain it, I just know I feel it and it is real. My friends sense it, my life exhibits it, my motion feels it. I am sitting in the back of God’s plane and He is at the helm. I am at 37,000 feet and I cannot see the ground, in front or behind and yet I KNOW I am going forward. God did not force me on this journey, I walked on of my own accord. At the same time, I know He is asking me to stay on board. I mean, where would I go at 37,000 feet?

So, I am going to San Jose on Delta, but I am going somewhere else with Alpha & Omega. It may all be Greek to you and I, but in the Spirit it makes sense. Do you know the way?

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