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I just do not understand…

It has been a couple of weeks now, but I still feel it.

The ‘joy’ factor that I wrote of previously is still intact.  Still no change of circumstance or environment, but something abides in my heart.  I believe that early morning experience is, to me, an Ebenezer.

In ancient Hebrew history the Israelites were twice defeated by one of their most fierce rivals, the Philistines.  Twice they were buried in disgrace and their most prized possession, the Ark of the Covenant, taken from them.  Finally, at a third opportunity, Israel prevailed.  Yeah!!!

They erected a monument at the site of this battle field and called it Ebenezer.  Eventually, the whole area came to be known by that name.  The name was a word made from two words, meaning ‘place’ and ‘stone’ and came to be known as the place where the Lord helped.

Later, when God would help someone they would say of the substance of that activity, “That is my Ebenezer.”

I think that Saturday morning is going to be an Ebenezer for me.  For some reason, God showed up, put a word in my heart (Psalm 23) and changed something inside of me.  Since that day, I have felt this joy factor that has floated me for a couple of weeks and I have no sense of it abating.

To me this is Groovy Gravy!  I don’t understand it, but I sure do appreciate it.  Right now, think about a time, place or space where God showed up for you, mark it in your mind and heart, write it down if you would like. Make your own Ebenezer and be thankful.

So, next time you hear the word ‘Ebenezer’ forget Scrooge, remember God….and be strong!

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