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In the Jungle with a Wild God

Okay, we are here…between the jungle all around us and the deep blue sea. It is day two of our three days together at Punta Leona and all is well. Yesterday we came from many places to this one place to be with each other and God. As I told our community when we gathered, we are here to be replenished and refocused. But we are also here to have an adventure.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the sea to get reacquainted since I had not been here in a couple of years. I am not sure it remembered me. It was okay. My time there was the beginning of my adventure. As I walked southerly along the Playa Mantas beach I had to cross two small streams coming from the mountains to the sea. About two-thousand feet down the beach is a cut-through to Playa Blanca beach.

On the north side of the cut-through at Playa Mantas the sea is calm and serene. On the southern side of the pass the sea is active and powerful. It is a marked contrast just thirty yards apart. Here, this large rock formation runs into the sea splitting the coastline into two vastly different areas.

Playa Mantas is a crescent-shaped beach with dark sand, colored by volcanic activity and as mentioned before is lapped by a peaceful rhythm of ripples one could barely call waves.

On Playa Blanca you find beautiful cream-colored sand blending into large rock formations which act as buffers for waves which crash against them in a constant beat of power and white water dance.

As I walked through the pass and into the wild side I found a seat in God’s theater and watched the sun slowly glide toward its resting place in the south Pacific. Below my feet were small crabs measuring anywhere from one to three inches in size. They were scurrying about in a choreographed escape from the waves which assaulted their rock cliff homes. There were also thousands of sea snails attached to the rock formations in small gray shells of shelter. I plucked a few from their place and repositioned them just to see what would happen. Once moved they simply moved back to where I had taken them from. It was fascinating.

As I found my way down off the rocks to the sandy beach I found myself shocked to almost step on snake. This green reptile was about four feet long and had a huge bulge (supper?) about a third

of the way down his long, slender frame. Chills went up my back.

Back to the rocks, I sat and had a conversation with God in the contrasts of that place. It was a place that reminded me of the life we all live. We have such short distance in our lives from places of serenity to places of wild water, snakes and slippery slopes under which the waves seem to call each other to swallow you and take you to a place you cannot get from. It was an interesting conversation.

Well, I have to go teach. I’ll be back. Yes, these pictures are the exact places I speak of.

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