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simply marvelous

one ocean, three days, forty-three humans, thousands of plants, trees & flowers. they all came together for a wonderful experience in spirit and community and now we are finished for another year.

over the last three days we have camped in Jesus’ message to humans about the vanity of trying to be more than we are or to trying to get beyond what God has created us for. the follower of Jesus named Matthew recorded this message in the sixth chapter of his account of the life of Christ, verses 25-34. it speaks of how God desires to provide what we need when we understand and pursue his life power (righteousness) rather than pursuing our own benefit.

in the midst of this explosion of nature on the Pacific coast we saw this scripture come to life. Jesus said, look at the birds, and the flowers. they do not worry about adding to their life or looking good or what will happen tomorrow. not even the wisest and richest man in history was taken care of and better prepared for life than non-human creation. Jesus then said, get a clue! live simply in trust and closeness and do not obsess about the rest.

today, i sent everybody out and told them to find something in nature and let God send you a message through it. thirty minutes later forty-two adults came back together and did show-and-tell with beautiful butterflies, flowers, seashells, plant life, rocks and small living creatures. it was amazing how simply God spoke and with such simple things.

we talked about accepting our limitations and placement from God, giving out of our blessing, valuing other humans and leading with humility, not power. at the end of our day, there was a wonderful spirit of adventure, awe and desire to reorient our lives with this simple mantra… everything i have came from God, everything I have is given to God, everything I have is available to other people. you can live this too!

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