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the day after

wow, it is past.

christmas has once again come and gone. from 8pm on christmas eve until i went to bed last night, christmas was the order of my life. it was a very good year, from a self-oriented view. i received things that made me smile.

i am a die-hard university of georgia devotee. this christmas i received gifts that warmed my heart and soul. first, i received the new book by tony barnhart, dooley- my forty years at georgia, which chronicles the four decades of our beloved former coach and athletic director, vince dooley. for twenty-five years dooley roamed the sidelines at sanford stadium and whereever schedules would take the bulldogs during a football season (and beyond to bowl games.) his players revere him and the fans have elevated him to status above any other bulldog – ever. what a gift.

then, if that was the cake, the icing was the presentation of a signed and numbered uga football bearing coach dooley’s signature in a display case. altogether now, everyone say ‘WOW.’ it was that kind of day for me.

for all the enjoyment of receiving, the most enjoyed moments were when i saw the faces of those i was able to give to. those i love, respect, care for and need. the little things always make the biggest splash at christmas. the joy of my children, the response of those who make my life what it is, parents, friends, extended family. it all adds up to life lived well.

now, at the same time, i have holes in my life. i have places of discontent and longing. i have areas of lack and distance. i have habits and pleasures and pathways that alter the divine trajectory of my life. i am filled yet not full. on the day after i realize that and i make those end of year inventories of my life from which sprout resolve and decisions for next year.

so, today is the day after, therefore i think (too much.)

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