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the heart of the issue

well, today i had a cardio appointment. it started out on the wrong foot. i got into my automobile at 9:15am for a 10am appointment. it was then i discovered my appointment was at 8am, not 10. uh-oh.

when i arrived at 9:45 they took me in immediately. i first did an echocardiogram. they did an ultrasound of my heart and i had to listen to the blood swishing through the atrium and into the ventricle then out into my body again. it is not as exciting as listening to tchaikovsky, but my inside sounds were all that was on the playlist today.

splish, splash, swish, swosh, blah, blah, blah. it was weird.

then, i took a five minute break before being taken to the treadmill. first, seven electrodes were hooked up to my chest, wires bound to my body with an ace bandage and walking shoes at the ready. i sat there and watched my heart rate go from 74 to 65 to 71 and back and forth again and again.

then it was time for me to walk…slowly, quicker, quicker still and quickest. i was trying to get to a heart rate of 174. i made it but it hurt. they kept asking me if i was comfortable. how can anyone be comfortable doing that hooked up with more wires hanging on me than a christmas tree on december 24th. my calves were barking and i was running out of gas,,,,fast!

finally, i got the 15 second flag, then the slow down and thankfully a quick lay down.

then came the yucky part. frowns from the physicians assistant. she said she had to go see the doctor because my heart was doing things it should not do. that the test indicated i had a blocked artery. that i failed not only once, but twice during the test. i can say with ease that i have felt badly failing tests before, but never this badly.

so now i have to take another test. this time with more bells and whistles.

i am scared. i am fine. i am ok. i am nervous. i am trusting. i am alive.

i want to stay this way.

sure, you can pray. 🙂

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